Department of Pathology, Cairo University


  • The School of Medicine was moved from Abou Zaabal to Kasr El-Aini in 1837. It was out a desire for expansion, that this new site was preferred not only because it could accommodate 1,500 beds and 300 students, but also because it was situated in the heart of Cairo
  • In April 1925, the School of Medicine was incorporated into the Egyptian University and was called the Faculty of Medicine; and a school of dentistry was attached to it
  • The first of May 1929 is a day that will not be forgotten in the history of modern Egyptian medicine. On that day Kasr El-Aini Council held a meeting and elected the first Egyptian Aly Pasha Ibrahim as Dean of the Faculty of Medicine and director of Kasr El-Aini and the first Egyptian head of pathology was Prof. Mostafa Fahmy Sorour  1938-1949. Prof. Anwar Elwi established the first surgical pathology museum in the Middle East in 1962. 

The Department currently offers the following services:





  • Pathology theoretical lectures & practical sessions for medical students.
  • Pathology theoretical lectures & practical sessions for dental students.
  • Pathology theoretical Lectures for nursing student, undergraduates and post graduates.
  • Pathology theoretical lectures for physiotherapy student.
  • Preparing teaching aids for histopathology practical classes for undergraduate students.
  • Periodic reviewing of slides prepared from surgical specimens to prepare slide boxes for under graduate students (each 4 students share one box) [this task needs preparing & revising approximately 400 boxes, each contains 70 slides = 28000 slides]
  • Assessing and choosing surgical specimens to use for teaching undergraduate students as fresh specimens.
  • Assisting undergraduate students fro participation in their annual student scientific congress.
  • Processing surgical and post-mortem specimens of interesting and rare pathologic conditions for making museum jars.
  • Post graduate lectures in pathology for all Pathology Master & MD  candidates.
  • Post graduate lectures in pathology for all clinical branches.
  • Training the Egyptian Fellowship candidates.
  • Participating in curriculum development for pathology course.
  • Post graduate slide seminars.
  • Weakly scientific meetings.
  • Periodic cytology meeting.


  • Processing surgical and post-mortem specimens sent from all departments of Kasr El Aini Hospital (Gen. Surgery, Gyna & Obstetrics, Paediatrics, Internal Medicine, different Specialties) of total number of cases in 2004 [for example] 10.000 cases (including biopsies & cytology Specimens).
  • Diagnosing surgical specimens and cytological samples [with providing sample- taking techniques, including FNA & core biopsy] for Kasr El Aini University Hospitals, New Kasr El Aini teaching Hospital( French), King Fahd’s Nephrology centre, Obstetrics and Gynaecology Hospital, and Abou El Rish Pediatric Hospital & Japanese hospital.
  • Economic Pathology Unit.
  • Tumor marker unit for serving in patients and out patients [for routine work & research purposes].
  • Slide consultation & revision for any case [in- or outpatient]
  • Cytology Unit.
  • Recording all pathology and cytology reports on the departments computers to build a date base.
  • Participation  in liver transplant program .
  • Participation in the infective endocarditis project
  • Participation in regular clinico-pathological scientific meetings of other clinical departments.
  • Participation in faculty Annual scientific congress.
  • Hosting some of the scientific meetings of the Egyptian Society of pathology.
  • Hosting intensive educational courses and workshops for the international Academy of pathology (Arab -school of pathology)
  • Participation in Annual conference of the Egyptian Society of laboratory Medicine and Annual Cases sciences congress.
  • Participation in the Tumor Board of Breast Cancer.



  • Supervising and collaboration with other clinical departments as National cancer Institute and Theodore Bilahrz Institute in supervising masters degree and doctorate degree theses.